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Chris, knife wound

The VICTIM series are shrines of light that literally highlight tragic signs of our times.

Each is a dedicated memorial to a person who has perished on the streets of modern Britain – largely as a result of diminishing resources and safe spaces available to the poor and vulnerable.


Jo, 'spice' overdose

They deal with the issues of knife crime and homelessness. Growing up and living in Southeast London with two young boys of his own, Illumina was increasingly alarmed to observe the rapidly increasing occurance of both over recent years. 


One particular local case shocked him into creating the Victim series. "I discovered that a homeless man in his forties had died in the old red phone box at the end of my road - which had been converted into a children's library often used by my two children. We were horrified when we saw the police tape over the phone box. Months later it was still there - this man had been forgotten.”


These lights are a memorial to him, and to other street victims, both forgotten and remembered.


Names have been changed to protect the identity of the deceased.

Jay, knife wound

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