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Patron Saint Festival 

Puglia, Italy

FESTA are Italian festivals of light or 'festa di luminarie' that date back to the 17th century Baroque period – and still continue today. Towns in the region of Puglia in southern Italy originally celebrated patron saints feast days by constructing frames covered in oil lamps and lampshades of coloured paper. These days thousands of coloured bulbs and unique architectural structures are used to adorn the historic piazzas that form the centre of every Puglian town.


The structures above were created by an artisan family business in Puglia. They have a range of small and large traditional lighting structures available for restoration and sale.

Their particular style uses a 'false' perspective to give the impression of depth as seen in the church above. This style is very hard to find these days and dates back to the original designs of the early 19th century.


Our local business partners are available to design and build large-scale lighting structures for use at events, using state-of-the-art-technology.

Do feel free to contact illumina if you would like more information or to discuss a potential project. 

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